Brake Tools - Limited Time Offer.
MaxPro Brake Bleeder
Get The Award winningMaxPro® reverse Brake Bleeder.
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One Tool. One Tech.
10 Minutes, even ABS.
100 patented FASCAR® “BrakeStrips™”.
The industry standard brake fluid test.
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BrakeFree™, removes rusted bleeder screws in seconds.
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The Best of the Best - Brake Tools. Imagine. Money is no object, but you choose your tools wisely because your team and your country depends on it. When you’re in the field you’ve got one chance to do the job right and do it fast.

Chosen by the
US Military.


After 15 months of brutal testing under the worst conditions imaginable the US military overwhelmingly decided to include Phoenix Brake Tools™ in their Standard Automotive Tool Set (SATS).

Why?Because Phoenix Brake Tools™ are simply the best tools for safeguarding the stopping power of our US Military.

How?Using revolutionary technology to deliver safer stopping with faster brake response time. Complicated ABS or clutch bleeding is now a profit center. Quickly identify vehicles that require brake fluid replacement and prevent costly corrosion damage that could compromise safety. Save time and money by eliminating unnecessary brake part returns and prevent damage during service.

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