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BrakeFree - OverviewPhoenix Systems has responded to horror stories from our customers in the "rust belt" states. Mechanics spoke of simple brake jobs turning "real expensive" when rusted bleeder valves broke off when attempting to loosen them. In response, we developed the BrakeFree. The BrakeFree plugs into a standard air hammer and then over the bleeder valve. It vibrates the bleeder screw and can be worked back and forth with a 3/4 wrench. We found it to be 85% effective in removing rusted bleeder screws. No brake technician's toolbox is complete without the new BrakeFree tool.
BrakeFree - Features
  • Works with standard air hammer
  • Induces optimal vibrations
  • Proven 85% effective in loosening rusted bleed screws
  • Works in as little as 60 seconds per bleed screw
  • Retail price under $50
Brake Tools - Limited Time Offer.
MaxPro Brake Bleeder
Get The Award winningMaxPro® reverse Brake Bleeder.
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One Tool. One Tech.
10 Minutes, even ABS.
100 patented FASCAR® “BrakeStrips™”.
The industry standard brake fluid test.
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BrakeFree™, removes rusted bleeder screws in seconds.
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For A Limited Time Only We’re Offering Our “SECRET WEAPON” Brake Tools Kit To Serious Shop Owners Who Want
The Kind Of Results Demanded By The US Military.

You’ll get...

• The Award winning MaxPro®
reverse brake bleeder*. One Tool.
One Tech. 10 Minutes, even ABS.

• 100 Of our patented FASCAR®
“BrakeStrips™”, the industry
standard brake fluid test.

• BrakeFree™, removes rusted
bleeder screws in seconds.

All for just $432 . . . A whopping $100 off our already very reasonable price.


We Guarantee You’ll Love Your Secret Weapon! So we will provide a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, return the tools and keep the tube of BrakeStrips for your trouble

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