How the MaxPro BrakeBleeder Works.. (Click the 6 steps)

MaxPro BrakeBleeder - OverviewThere’s no other tool like the Phoenix brake bleeder. This secret to Phoenix Systems’ patented brake bleeders is a revolutionary process called, Reverse Fluid Injection or RFI. RFI uses the "laws of physics", air rises and fluid. Just think about it, which way do the bubbles go in your favorite soft drink? Up! RFI pushes fluid and air from the low points in the hydraulic system upward toward the master cylinder reservoir. The fluid fills the reservoir and the air escapes, leaving a rock hard brake pedal. It's that simple.
MaxPro BrakeBleeder - Features
  • Patented Reverse Fluid Injection
  • Even ABS
  • One person operation
  • Removes trapped air, the cause of spongy pedal
  • Portable, lightweight, no electricity or air required
  • Cost effective and multifunctional: RFI, vacuum and pressure
  • No special tools or clips to bleed ABS
  • Precision made, steel, and aluminum, rebuildable
  • Includes instructional DVD
  • Average retail price under $350
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MaxPro Brake Bleeder
Get The Award winningMaxPro® reverse Brake Bleeder.
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One Tool. One Tech.
10 Minutes, even ABS.
100 patented FASCAR® “BrakeStrips™”.
The industry standard brake fluid test.
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BrakeFree™, removes rusted bleeder screws in seconds.
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BrakeTools Combo Kit

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• The Award winning MaxPro®
reverse brake bleeder*. One Tool.
One Tech. 10 Minutes, even ABS.

• 100 Of our patented FASCAR®
“BrakeStrips™”, the industry
standard brake fluid test.

• BrakeFree™, removes rusted
bleeder screws in seconds.

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We Guarantee You’ll Love Your Secret Weapon! So we will provide a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, return the tools and keep the tube of BrakeStrips for your trouble

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